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Rainbow Color Hand Held Fans Wholesale

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Cheap bulk wholesale of rainbow color painted hand held folding fans. These oriental style hand held folding fans are very competitively priced and a great item for your flea market vendors, general merchandise store, dollar store or any convenience store. These folding fans are printed with beautifully rainbow colors. These beautiful folding hand fans can be used as the perfect wedding gift, or any functional gift party favors; events such as reception, banquet, prom, birthday parties, family reunions, picnics or any other events. These soft cloth folding fans are not only decorative but also functional, let these folding hand fans take off some of the summer heat!


  • Color: rainbow color
  • When folded: each fan measures about 9" long x 1" Wide
  • When Opened, each fan measures about 9 1/4" long x 17" Wide
  • Each individually packaged for easy display
  • Material: Soft cloth with white plastic handle